How To Delete PhonePe Transaction History?

How To Delete PhonePe Transaction History?

How To Delete PhonePe Transaction History? – PhonePe does not charge a fee to perform the services of receiving and sending money directly to an account maintained in a. You can also perform these functions without registering your contact number.

You can earn various rewards with the help of scratch cards that are already present in the application. PhonePe is one of the safest and most secure apps to consider when it comes to the part of the payment.

PhonePe is a new way to go digital and make all payments online, and this platform has really helped a lot of people. But do you know that you can delete your transaction history? Here we are going to discuss how to delete transaction history in PhonePe.

This is quite simple because if you know how to delete the transaction history in PhonePe, it will be easier to keep a new record. Let’s see how to delete transaction history on PhonePe in this article.

How To Delete Phonepe Transaction History?

1. Firstly, log in to your PhonePe account.

2. Open Transaction History page.

3. Choose the history which you want to delete.

4. Tap on delete transaction for the old version.

5. Choose Contact Support for the new version.

6. Next write a message like “Hello sir, I want to hide or delete this transaction due to some personal reason”.

7. Send a message to create a new ticket for your request.

8. The support team will reach you shortly regarding your request for confirmation.

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