How To Cancel Order On Myntra?

How To Cancel Order On Myntra?

How To Cancel Order On Myntra? – Myntra is one of India’s leading fashion e-commerce firms, and it, like many major brands, has a cancellation policy for its consumers. If you have changed your mind about a recent Myntra purchase, there is no need to panic since you can quickly Cancel Order On Myntra in a few easy steps.

This article will show you How To Cancel Order On Myntra app and website.

How To Cancel Order On Myntra?

Follow these procedures to cancel an order on Myntra.

1. Launch the app or visit the website.

2. Navigate to the main menu and choose My Orders.

3. Select the product you wish to cancel from the list of items you have ordered.

4. Select the Cancel option.

5. After you click it Myntra will ask you why you want to cancel your purchase, and you must choose the reason that applies to you.

6. Your purchase has been successfully canceled when you confirm your cancellation by clicking.


Q. Why can’t I cancel my Myntra order?

A. Myntra orders may be canceled till they reach “Shipped Status.” Your order cannot be canceled once it has reached the stage of shipping. In this instance, you must decline the order when the delivery person arrives to give the merchandise to you.

Q. How can I cancel my Myntra order once it has shipped?

A. We have given you a step-by-step procedure for canceling your purchase. Examine the steps outlined above.

Q. Can I cancel an order after it has been shipped?

A. Even after the order has been delivered, you may cancel it or refuse to accept orders at the time of delivery.

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