How To Cancel Order On Zomato?

How To Cancel Order On Zomato?

How To Cancel Order On Zomato? – If you want to know how to cancel an order on Zomato, the answer is yes. Getting an idea of why there isn’t a button for it. Most people who order food are careful about what they ask for.

As soon as your order gets to your favorite restaurant, they will start working on it. Also, you already know that time is of the utmost importance in this place.

As you can see, many people are unhappy with the reason why their food is late. Even though there are many different reasons to be late, we all know what they are. If there is a button to cancel the order, all the work you did to get ready may have been for nothing. You’d still have to decide what to order.

This would mean that the next deliveries would be late, and it would also waste time that could have been used to get ready. Also, your canceled order will be thrown away if no one else has asked for the same food in the same amount. I hope this explains why there’s no separate button.

Now we’ll get to the main question: “Can we cancel the Zomato order?” As I’ve already said, yes, but not in the way most people think of it. Even though canceling food on Zomato isn’t as hard as it is on other sites.

So, let’s look at how to cancel your order on Zomato. There are mostly a few steps to cancel an order on Zomato.

How To Cancel Order On Zomato?

1. To cancel your order, you must first open the Zomato app on your phone.

2. Now, click on the menu that looks like a hamburger or the three horizontal lines.

3. Now, tap the menu for customer service.

4. This will start a chat with the person in charge of customer service.

5. Click “Cancel My Order.”

6. The customer service rep will ask for a reason, and you’ll have to give him one.

7. The customer service rep will check with the restaurant to see if your order can be canceled. If you answer “yes,” your order will be canceled right away.


How do you get your money back after canceling your order on Zomato?

After you cancel your order, you can get your money back. Your refund will go back to the same method of payment you used to pay for your food.

How long does it take for Zomato to give back the money?

Wallet Paytm – 1 hour

UPI – 2-4 Business Days

Debit or credit card: 4–7 business days

5–7 Business Days for Net Banking

Does Zomato give money back?

Yes, this is correct. Zomato will give you your money back if you are eligible, but only if you meet certain rules.

How do I talk to Zomato’s customer service?

Go to the section called “Profile.” There, you’ll see a feature called “Chat.” Click on it, and you’ll be able to chat with a customer service representative right away.

How do I get a refund and how do I pay for it?

Zomato will send your money back to your Paytm wallet, bank account, or UPI account. Also, you will only get paid when someone places an order.

How long do you have to cancel an order through chat?

If you want to cancel your order through chat, you only have 5 minutes after ordering food to do so.

Does Zomato charge a fee to cancel a food order?

Once the restaurant confirms your order, the user might not be able to change or cancel it. If the restaurant lets you cancel your order for some food items, you would have to pay a cancellation fee, which could be up to a few percent of the total cost of your order.

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