41 thoughts on “How To Delete Byju’s Account?

  1. I want to delete my byju’s account there is no option to delete on app or web application also.This app is not currently in use by me. My phone number is registered on Byju’s database or other storage. Byju’s customer executive calls me time and again everyday. I am disappointed about this.
    So please delete my account. It’s humble request to support of Byju’s Team.


  2. Dear Byju’s Team,

    I have a Byju’s account in your database with the name of Malik Faiz and my email Is [email protected] I am not able to use this Byju’s account anymore. So I am requesting you to kindly delete my Byju’s account from your database and also a notification if any.

    Name: (malik faiz)

    Phone: (9839132424)

    Email: ([email protected])

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