How To Logout From Telegram?

How To Logout From Telegram?

How To Logout From Telegram? – Telegram is an instant messaging service that is cloud-based and works on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. With the help of Telegram, you will be able to send messages, photos, videos and files to your close friends for free and quickly. This article will teach you how to log out of the Telegram app on a PC or Mac.

How To Logout From Telegram?

1. Open the Telegram application on your computer. 

2. To access the menu, click the menu icon. A ≡ triple-bar icon will appear in the upper-left corner of the app.

3. Go to the Settings menu. Scroll down to the Calls section and click on the Settings option.

4. Click on the ⋮ icon located at the top-right corner of the “Settings” tab. From the context menu, select Log Out.

5. Once prompted, tap LOG OUT. By doing so, you will be logged out of Telegram.

Cons of Telegram

As we don’t know the status of the contacts and we are unable to quickly determine if the other person is online or not, to receive messages. We sometimes need to open the app, which makes the ” Instant Messaging App ” make no sense, and it does not offer voice messages.

When you want to send more than one file, you can’t select multiple files simultaneously, so the first file has to be sent first and then the second one. Some mobile phones will not upload pictures as well.

The main disadvantage of binding phone numbers is that this gives you the ability to find out all your contacts’ information and send them to the server. This means you can find out who is registered on the social network and when they last visited it and find out their phone numbers.

Although all messages are on a particular Telegram server, they go there when you re-enter your account. When the messages are sent via an ordinary rather than secret chat, they are not encrypted, so your provider can’t scan them.

There are no secret chats in the Telegram for the PC version, which either hasn’t been fully developed yet or the development of which has been halted. The contact list is based on phone numbers and requires contact permissions on mobile devices. When you upload a new profile picture, the old one remains, so you must delete it manually.

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