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How To Delete eToro Account?

How To Delete eToro Account? – eToro is the world’s most popular social trading platform that most traders will have heard of, or even tried.

If for whatever reason, you want to close your eToro account because you failed with it or failed to find good traders, eToro guides and eToro review can help you with exactly these issues.

However, if you are still assured that you want to close your eToro account and do not want to read any other eToro reviews, here is a step-by-step guide that explains exactly how to do it.

How To Delete eToro Account?

1. Firstly log into your eToro account and scroll to the bottom left where you’ll see the settings tab. Click on it.

2. Once you’re on the settings page, tap on the menu option at the top written account. You’ll find the option to delete your eToro account at the very bottom of the page, written in small letters, and click on it.

3. You’ll find a popup asking you to define the reason why you want to close your eToro account.

4. Select the reason that applies to you and continue.

5. Follow the next prompts to finish the process as shown below.

6. The broker will try to change your mind at this step, but if you’ve made up your mind, you’ll proceed.

You can see that it will take three days to close your eToro account, which is quite fast as compared to other brokers.

How To Delete Your eToro Account Via Email?

1. Firstly, log into your email account.

2. Create an email to this email address:

3. In the subject option, write ‘Request to Delete Account.’

4. Write a well-structured email describing why you’d like to delete your eToro account.

5. Request that your data, as well as your eToro account, be deleted by customer support.

Here is an example for requesting to delete your account from eToro.

Subject: Request To Delete My eToro Account

Dear eToro Team,

I have an eToro account in your database with the name of …………. and my email ID is…………. I am not able to use this eToro account anymore. So I am requesting you to kindly delete my eToro account from your database and also a notification if any.

Name: (your name)

Phone: (your phone number)

Email: (your email ID) 

Why Delete Etoro Account?

The most common reason for deleting your trading account is simply that you don’t want to continue trading. Perhaps you’ve racked up massive losses and can’t bear to keep trading, or you’ve realized that you don’t have time to learn everything you need to know about trading.

There are no shortcuts to long-term trading success as you have to develop the right skills to become a profitable trader on a consistent basis and this takes time.

Another common reason for closing your eToro account is that the broker does not offer the instruments you want to trade. Perhaps you want to trade an exotic currency pair or a certain commodity, or even a particular stock that presents a great trading opportunity.

While eToro offers a wide variety of tradable instruments in different asset classes, it cannot offer everything.

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