How To Cancel Movie Tickets On Paytm?

How To Cancel Movie Tickets On Paytm?

How To Cancel Movie Tickets On Paytm? – Indian e-commerce platform Paytm enables its users to pay with cash on delivery for their purchases. Additionally, you can complete transactions and make payments using a dedicated mobile application.

Consequently, understanding how to cancel movie tickets on Paytm is crucial. You can occasionally need to cancel orders you’ve made using this app, like a movie ticket.

One of the most expensive items in India is a cinema ticket. You should acquire ticket discounts if you want to watch a movie with friends and family.

With a minimum transaction of Rs. 100, you can benefit from a 20% discount if you have a Paytm account. Additionally, you may utilise Paytm.

How To Cancel Movie Tickets On Paytm?

1. Open the Paytm Application: First, on your Android Device, you will see a white logo with Paytm written on it. It is the Paytm application’s trademark logo.

2. Tap on three Horizontal Lines: You will also notice three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the main page after starting the Paytm application. A sidebar with several options, including My passbook, My orders, etc., will be opened by just tapping the parallel lines.

3. Tap on My orders: You can choose My orders from the sidebar. You can tap on it to view all of your previously placed orders made through the Paytm app.

4. Tap on Tickets: You will notice several tabs on the My Orders page, such as Shopping, Travel, Tickets, etc. You can view all of the movie tickets you purchased using the Paytm app by tapping the Tickets tab.

5. Tap on Movie Tickets: All of the most recent orders for the movie tickets you purchased through Paytm will be displayed. To cancel a reservation, tap on it.

6. Tap on Cancel Booking: You can now see the concert information and your ticket. Before selecting the “Cancel Booking” option, be sure you want to cancel this ticket.

7. Tap on Cancel Ticket: The sum will now be refunded to your wallet, according to a pop-up that will appear when you cancel. Simply select “Cancel ticket” if you’re sure you want to cancel the reservation.

8. Tap on Ok: Once more, a pop-up will appear informing you that your ticket has been cancelled and the money has been credited to your Paytm wallet. To confirm and continue with the cancellation, simply tap on Ok.

Note: It is advised to purchase Cancellation Protect since it provides a full refund if you need to cancel the ticket. Finally, you can verify that the money has been credited by checking your wallet balance.


People have started looking for better options and platforms to use their free time due to the growing competition in the cinema sector. Due to the deals and discounts offered on the Paytm App, which are only available to Paytm subscribers, people will select it over other platforms for purchasing movie tickets.

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