How To Cancel RBL Credit Card?

How To Cancel RBL Credit Card?

The name RBL Bank is well-known in the banking industry. It is a private-sector bank that offers a variety of banking services to individuals, businesses, and NRIs, including insurance, credit cards, investments, and more.

Depending on their qualifications and needs, the bank provides its clients with a variety of credit cards. These credit cards are given out to salaried employees, independent contractors, or corporate cards, which allow the cardholder to make purchases on behalf of the firm and charge them to the company account.

The owner of these bank-issued credit cards has the option to cancel them at any time. Any number of factors, including little use, exorbitant yearly fees, etc., can lead to the closure of credit cards.

How To Cancel RBL Credit Card?

To cancel their credit cards, cardholders have a choice of offline or online processes. The following are the several ways to cancel a credit card: –

1. Cancellation of credit card online

Online methods can also be used to deactivate or cancel a credit card. Owners of credit cards may send an email to [email protected] to make an online request. One must supply certain credit card and personal information to close a credit card, which helps the bank do so quickly and easily.

2. Credit card cancellation with written request

By sending a letter expressing one’s desire to deactivate a credit card to the RBL Bank branch that is closest to them, one can have their credit card cancelled. The credit card that the cardholder wants closed must be submitted with the written request. It needs to be cut in half diagonally.

3. Customer service cancelling a credit card

Call 022-71190900 to start the process of submitting a credit card cancellation request. The credit cardholder would need to provide some basic information, verify their account, and then the bank employee would submit the cancellation request.

4. Branch Visit

Call 022-71190900 to begin submitting a credit card cancellation request. The credit cardholder would need to provide some basic information, verify their account, and then the bank agent would raise the cancellation request.

Things to Consider Before Cancelling Your RBL Bank Credit Card

When requesting the termination of an RBI credit card, bear the following in mind.

  • The credit card account must be free of any outstanding debts, including EMIs, loans, balance transfers, etc.
  • Before submitting a request for cancellation, all reward points must be used.
  • The card must also be removed from all automated payments and subscriptions.

How can I use my points before I cancel my RBL Credit Card?

Reward points should be used before RBL credit cards are cancelled, according to cardholders. The cardholder loses all rights to the reward points and is unable to use them in any way after cancelling the credit card. Below are the actions to take before closing the credit cards to redeem the reward points.

Utilizing the cardholder’s username and password, you must first check in to the RBL Bank rewards website (

The cardholder will then need to decide how many points should be used for each category after choosing the one from which they want to redeem their points.

An OTP will be sent to the cardholder’s registered mobile number to authenticate the request to use the reward points.

To finish the process of redeeming the reward points, the cardholder must pay for the reward product they have chosen after entering the OTP.

The cardholder may use the RBL credit card to complete the transaction if the number of reward points to be redeemed falls short of the cost of the selected product.

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