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How To Delete Zee5 Account?

How To Delete Zee5 Account?- Zee5 is one of the best online TV show apps. But sometimes situations arise such that we need to delete and unsubscribe. So if you are also facing some issues with Zee5, keep reading this article.

Today, Zee5 has a big picture on everyone’s mind because it provides every piece of content (be it shows, movies, songs, and cartoons) to its users.

But sometimes a situation arises where we need to unsubscribe from zee5. During the deletion of any account, some users face some problems. I think you also face the same problems.

If you want to delete your Zee5 because of your emails and messages. Then instead of deleting the account, you can simply mark it as spam while opening Mail or you can unsubscribe from your emails.

And if you have other reasons and want to delete your Zee5 account, keep reading this comprehensive guide on how to delete the Zee5 account.

How To Delete Zee5 Account?

Below are simple steps to delete your Zee5 account successfully;

Delete Your Zee5 Account Through The Website

1. Firstly, log into your Zee5 account.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap “delete your account.”

Delete your Zee5 Account by Sending an Email

1. Firstly, log into your email account.

2. Create an email to this email address:

3. In the subject option, write ‘Request to Delete Account.’

4. Write a well-structured email describing why you’d like to delete your Zee5 account.

5. Request that your data, as well as your Zee5 account, be deleted by customer support.

Here is an example for requesting to delete your account from Zee5.

Subject: Request To Delete My Zee5 Account

Dear Zee5 Team,

I have a Zee5 account in your database with the name of …………. and my email ID is…………. I am not able to use this Zee5 account anymore. So I am requesting you to kindly delete my Zee5 account from your database and also a notification if any.

Name: (your name)

Phone: (your phone number)

Email: (your email ID)

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