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How To Close Citibank Account?

How To Close Citibank Account? – Citibank offers several different types of credit cards, including cash-back credit cards, that earn points in the Citi ThankYou program, and a selection of popular balance transfer credit cards.

There are many ways you can use any of your credit cards to achieve specific goals, but there are also situations where you may not want to keep your Citi card for the long term.

Maybe you’re tired of paying the annual fee for your Citi card, or maybe you just need an option with a lower fee requirement.

Maybe you used a Citi balance transfer credit card to pay off debt, but now you’re done and you know you’ll never use the card again.

Whatever the reason, you should know that it is quite easy to close a Citi credit card if that is what you prefer.

How To Close Citibank Account?

To close a Citibank Account, simply contact your Account Manager or Documentation Specialist to discuss terms and receive an Account Closure Checklist/Request form:

1. Fill in all applicable fields on the Account Closure Form

2. Transfer funds through CitiDirect to zero the account balance

3. Citi will lead to the empowering documents (Board Resolution/Trade Register or equivalent) to confirm the authority of authorized signatories on the account closure form.

The signatories need to have explicit rules to close accounts. (Citi does not rely on the signature card or GMTA.)

4. In case you tell Citi to bring the account balance to zero. You must complete Section 2 of the Account Closure Form.

Please assure that Citi holds the most modern and valid Global Manual Transaction Authorization Form (GMTA) with valid callback nominees and contact numbers

5. Your Documentation Specialist will give you the address where the Account Closure Form should be sent

Major Points regarding Closing of Citi Bank Account

  • To close your Citi Bank account, you must visit the bank branch where you opened the account.
  • One should close the account only if you don’t really need it in the future. Banks generally do not allow you to reopen a closed account.
  • One should keep an electronic copy or make a hard copy of the entire bank statement from inception to closing for the purpose of any future reference.
  • Cancel your automatic payment instructions.
  • One should clear all their outstanding fees or charges before closing the account.

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